LaKela Brown: Material Relief

Opening Reception: June 23, 6-8PM

Jun 23—Aug 10, 2018

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LaKela Brown, Doorknocker Earrings Arrangement Relief, 2018, Plaster, 51 x 41 cm
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Installation View. Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
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Love Triangle, 2018 Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
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Heart, Round, and Triangle Bamboo Earring Composition Sunken Relief, 2018 Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3477 web 1300 xxx q82
Install View. Photo credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3516 web 1300 xxx q82
Threes, 2018 Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3497 web 1300 xxx q82
Door Knocker, Grill and Chicken Head Arrangement, 2018 Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3484 web 1300 xxx q82
Install View Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3502 web 1300 xxx q82
Doorknocker Grill, and Chicken Head Large Composition, 2018 Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3501 web 1300 xxx q82
Free Hearts, 2018
 dsc3487 web 1300 xxx q82
Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3513 web 1300 xxx q82
Triangle and Circle Sunken Relief with Silver and Gold, 2018 Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3496 web 1300 xxx q82
Pattern Repeated in Reverse, 2018. Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3488 web 1300 xxx q82
Install View: Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3507 web 1300 xxx q82
Round Bamboo Earrings with Silver Sunken Relief, 2018. Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen
 dsc3510 web 1300 xxx q82
Triangle Bamboo Earrings and Chicken Heads, 2018. Photo Credit: Naaman Rosen

Detroit, MI – Reyes Projects is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist and Detroit native, LaKela Brown, opening on Saturday, June 23, 2018. Echoing the aesthetics of ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman artifacts, Brown presents her largest works in her series of plaster reliefs that preserve the jewelry of the 1990s hip hop era and other relics frequently attributed to African-American culture.

The works in the show act as a sartorial diary from Brown’s personal archives. The status symbols of her childhood—door-knocker earrings, rope chain necklaces, and gold-capped teeth—function here as semi-abstractions that are both playful and meditative. The use-value of these objects has been eliminated in favor of their value as time capsules of another era. The objects memorialize the aspirations of wealth in American hip hop culture as an aesthetic phenomenon with important visual manifestations.  

Brown seeks to investigate the fleeting nature of material and social currency as well as the aesthetics of status. At the heart of this show is an artist problematizing societal norms that frame taste and wealth as a dichotomy. By framing material signifiers from the hip hop community as ancient artifacts worthy of preservation in a museum, the show takes a political stance. What is the point of representation without posterity?

Brown will create a number of new plaster pieces specific to the exhibition in her hometown of Detroit.

The exhibition will be on view at the gallery through August 10, 2018.



LaKela Brown was born and raised in the city of Detroit, MI where she attended the College for Creative Studies. She majored in Fine Arts, and earned her B.F.A. in 2005. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



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